A & L Painter - Best Kittel - [Part II]

A & L Painter - Best Kittel

In 2022 the BEST KITTELS win 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th National Ace Sprint Championship of the KBDB!


Starting 20/11/22 8pm Ending 26/11/22 7pm

Tony and Lee Painter are one of the most well known partnerships in the heart of the West Midlands. They rarely have a bad season

In the 2022 OB season no other loft has taken more Federation positions in the Gloucester Fed than these lads - and that's with an average send of 15-20 cocks that's all

Perhaps even more impressive is their ability to breed winners for other lofts all over the UK

In 2022 Leo Conran wins 1st Open IHU National Valentia with Tony and Lee Painter bloodlines

Leo Conran also won 4th Open Sennen Cove National with Painter bloodlines

Jason Bowen was 1st and 2nd NFC Guernsey in 2022 with 2 pigeons together. The 2nd Open winner contains Painter bloodlines

Leon Prince wins 1st and 2nd Federation and 1st NW Section in the MNFC with Painter bloodlines

Davis Wright and Sons win 1st Burton & South Derby Federation with Painter bloodlines

In 2022 Miller Bros & Kyle win 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st Section 4 in the UNC from Huntingdon against 3,816 birds with a G.Son of "FIBBERSLEY BEST KITTEL 463" and "LADY DIANNA"

This is just a small sample of the weekly reports of winners that happen with bloodlines from Tony and Lee Painter

Excelsior Pigeon are delighted to host a blue blooded sale of future breeders on behalf of this top class partnership

We returned to the sport in 1987 and started racing as C Painter & son but after a while the name was changed to A & L Painter.Over the last 34 years we have been highest prize winners in our club nearly every year.Some years amassing 30x1sts a season.All Federations were conquered when in those early days big birdage was a given.6 thousand to 10 thousand birds in the Worcestershire Federation.Open races were attended with much passion.Winning over the years the Lye 2 bird.Londonderry 1 bird, Rocket pool open, Dewdrop open, Redditch HDA being 123 & Many RPRA awards were gained, Also gaining 1st Sprint UK champion with our Olympic Taffy.We have been fortunate over the years as It seems that most of the top birds we bring in as stock, there offspring always race well for us.