Billy Calvert - [OLR Specialist RPRA final race winner from 2019 – Teeside Bombers]

Billy Calvert - [One Loft Race Specialist] - RPRA final race winner from 2019 – Teeside Bombers

Starting 18/11/22 8pm - Ending 24/11/22 8pm


Excelsior Pigeon are delighted to present an elite draft of pigeons on behalf of Billy Calvert

In this draft you'll find a rich selection of pigeons that are direct from highly established racers and breeders

There are some real gems in this sale. 

Keep a particular eye open for the bloodlines of "CHAMPION DINO", "PARKSIDE LILLIAN", "PARKSIDE JACKPOT", "PARKSIDE DREAM GIRL"


The amount of winning that these birda have done is mind-boggling. 

They've also shown themselves very useful in One Loft Races too