Munslow Lofts - Matt Munslow [Part III]

Munslow Lofts - Matt Munslow [Part III] -*** THESE PIGEONS ARE WITH MATT MUNSLOW***

Starting 19/11/22 8pm - Ending 25/11/22 8pm

As the UK Agent for the ultra-successful loft of Van Vugt-Donckers its more than reasonable to say that Matt Munslow has the very best of this family in the UK

The Van Vugt-Donckers partnership are an elite sprint loft that compete with distinction at the very highest level.

2021 saw them win 2nd Ace Pigeon of the Tienverbond and previously Dirk Donckers had won the KBDB Sprint title with "WONDERBOY" when competing as Stickers-Donckers

Here we have a sensational draft of pigeons offered by Matt Munslow. Matts family of pigeons are predominaltely Van Vugt-Donckers, along with Van Den Bulck & Rudy Van Reeths

There's an abundance of talent on offer here with children of proven breeders for sale, The offspring of "GRITTEL" and "BARBATOS" are always well supported.

On this occasion pay attention to the 2 direct children of "HARRISON". He's the Direct Sire of Simon Hughes's Brilliant 3 x 1st Federation winner "SUPER 38 BRIDESMAID HEN"

She's the winner of 2nd Titan Games Sprint Champion of the UK 2022