Gamba-Tabs R  60 Tablets
Gamba-Tabs R  60 Tablets

Gamba-Tabs R 60 Tablets

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Gamba-Tabs R

60 tablets

Gamba-Tabs R

, are for the treatment and prevention of Trichomoniasis and intestinal Coccidiosis.

Gamba-Tabs R

are also for the treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis which causes mucosal inflammation in the crop of pigeons.

This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with Schedule 6 of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations – Exemptions for small pet animals.

After giving your pigeons any treatment it is always essential to clean and disinfect your drinkers thoroughly.

Tip – Always get your birds tested before blind treating.



Besides canker, coccidiae are the most frequent protozoan endoparasites of pigeons. Coccidiae live in the small intestine and, just like canker, they cause a so called „factor disease”. This means, they are an indicator of the organisms’ resistance. Coccidiae often occur amongst young pigeons. They indicate low immunity, stress, collateral infections, worms or poor management of the loft. Today, the relevance of coccidiodis as a spontaneously occurring disease is rather low. However, it is an important reason for a potential loss of condition.


Pigeon coccidiae are protozoa of the type Eimeria spp., which reproduce in the epithelia cells of the small intestine. The pigeons live in balance with coccidiae, i.e., as long as they are healthy, they show no symptoms. They get infected by ingesting the oocytes with the droppings of infected pigeons. It is important to know that only sporulated oocytes are invasive.This means that only eggs which developed in the environment can cause a disease. The development time (sporulation time) is 24-48 hours. This is why a regular and thorough cleaning of the loft is very important in combating the spread of coccidiae. In case of a low immunity, the course of the disease can become acute, causing diarrhea, problems with ingestion, dehydration, and excessive loss of weight.


Early symptoms go from slightly soft droppings to slimy-watery to greenish, sometimes blood strained diarrhea.


Microscopic examination of fecal samples.


You can treat the pigeons with

Gambakokzid RO


Gamba-Tabs R

. At the same time you should administer

Bt-Amin® forte



over the drinking water.