Virkon S Disinfectant 1Kg

Virkon S Disinfectant 1Kg

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Product Information

Virkon S Disinfectant is DEFRA Approved Disinfectant that is used for livestock & poultry disease prevention and control. Virkon S is now marketed as Lanxess (formerly known as DuPont) and prevents the spread of diseases such as foot & mouth, bird flu and other agricultural based infections. Virkon S comes in a re-sealable container is a pink powder that is added to water to make a disinfectant solution. The standard dilution is 1%.

Virkon S Disinfectant Benefits:

Virkon S Defra Approvals:

Surface disinfection: Routine disinfection for all surfaces, earth, wood, and concrete. Use a 1:100 dilution (10g of Virkon S for every litre of water). Apply via a pressure washer or other mechanical sprayer, apply Virkon S solution at an application rate of 300ml/m2. Equipment disinfection: Routine cleaning and disinfection of movable farm equipment. Use a 1:100 dilution (10g of Virkon S for every litre of water). Apply using a brush or pressure washer, wash all equipment in Virkon S solution until visibly clean. Water system: Terminal disinfection 1:100 to 1:200. Continuous disinfection 1:1000. Foot dips: Routine disinfection of footwear. Use a 1:100 dilution (10g of Virkon S for every litre of water). Replace solution once it has either become soiled or after 4-5 days. Did you know that DuPont Virkon S has been re-branded to Lanxess Virkon S? Don’t worry, everything is the same apart from the label.

Download the safety sheet here: virkon-s-sds