Witte World 66
Witte World 66
Witte World 66 pedigree

Witte World 66 · GB23D31366

  Witte Dirk

  Princess 019

  Python Kittel

  Witte Dirk

Size Medium
Length Average
Ventbone Very Closed
Feathers Very Soft
Vitality Very Strong

*SUPER SPECIAL* Blue Pied Hen "WITTE WORLD 66" 23D31366 DNA Certified Fantastic Inbred G.Daughter "WITTE DIRK" (Resp. for 75 x 1st!)

Here's a belter of a pigeon for you - gloriously inbred to the rising star "WITTE DIRK"

Pigeon Information

Sire : "Witte Python 445" B21-4209445

Fantastic Direct Son of the Fantastic pairing of "WITTE DIRK" x "PRINCESS 019"

A superstar breeder in his own right with a pedigree to die for.

In 2022 a 1/2 Sister to "WITTE DIRK" bred 4th National Bourges 33,410 birds for Herbots Bros in Belgium

In 2022 another one closely related to "WITTE DIRK" won 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st West Lancs Amal Cheltenham 2,939 birds for Graeme and Adam Marskell

"WITTE DIRK" B17-6063899

This cock was acquired by Flanders as a super breeder of winners and has a rich heritage of the best Bulck bloodlines running through his veins

In the last few weeks we've received updates from Flanders as to the prowess of "WITTE DIRK" especially with his preferred mate "PRINCESS 019"

You have to say, he really is very impressive indeed!

I've sheets of paper with the winners being reported from "WITTE DIRK" and his brilliant partner "PRINCESS 019"

On reckoning them up I can confirm that in the last few seasons "WITTE DIRK" is now responsible for at least 75 x 1st prizewinners!

Some examples of Children and G.Children are presented below for your viewing pleasure 

Cracking breeder he's responsible for at least 75 x 1st including:

1st 2,826 birds

1st 2,423 birds

1st 2,405 birds

1st 2,325 birds

1st 2,261 birds

1st 2,227 birds

1st 2,198 birds

1st 2,060 birds

1st 1,961 birds

1st 1,815 birds

1st 1,589 birds

1st 1,407 birds

1st 1,288 birds

1st 1,278 birds

1st 1,174 birds

1st 1,173 birds

1st 1,165 birds

1st 1,128 birds

1st 1,065 birds

1st 1,046 birds

"WITTE DIRK" is Direct Sire of

"PORSCHE 699" - Winner of

25th National Ace KBDB 2019

2nd 2,627 birds

21st 2,012 birds

23rd 1,551 birds

29th 1,608 birds

31st 2,261 birds

40th 2,638 birds

"WITTE DIRK" is the G.Sire of


winner of

8th National Ace KBDB

1st 2,826 birds

3rd 2,128 birds

5th 2,559 birds

13th 1,666 birds

18th 1,961 birds

19th 2,628 birds

26th 2,198 birds

27th 1,908 birds

40th 1,990 birds

"WITTE DIRK" is already G.Sire of 6th Ace YB Titan Games 2022 for Gordon Bros


Here's one G.Son of his racing at Johny Panis loft

"RODE JOHN" B22-6148932

1st 2,423 birds

1st 1,589 birds

1st 363 birds

4th 167 birds

21st 2,060 birds

46th 1,580 birds

92nd 1,670 birds

45th 1,134 birds

Another G.Son of "WITTE DIRK" is

"TED" B22-6148911

2nd 2,423 birds (beat by loftmate)

2nd 1,589 birds (beat by loftmate)

2nd 363 birds (beat by loftmate)

B21-6207425 is a G.Son of "WITTE DIRK" and "PRINCESS 019" and was winner of :

1st 419 birds

2nd 701 birds

2nd 1,386 birds

2nd 827 birds

7th 634 birds

"SUPER LOTTE" B20-6111232

Winner of 1st 1,666 birds and direct daughter of "WITTE DIRK" x "PRINCESS 019"

Dam : "Miss World" 20A06973

Direct Daughter of "RODE RIOT" when he was mated to a direct daughter of "WITTE DIRK" (see above)

"RODE RIOT" 16X88914

Sire of 3rd Portland 90 birds, 14th Bath 1,040 birds

This cock is a direct son of "THOUNDRED" when he was mated to a direct daughter of "VALE DIRK"

"THOUNDRED" is a super proven direct son of "GOEDE RODE" - as suxh that makes him a 1/2 brother to the likes of :


These are all household names on a global scale - all significant breeders of winners

"VALE DIRK" B09-6293886

This cock has bred all sorts of winners including 1st Prov. Ace for Staf Boeckmans


He is a full brother of Van Den Bulck's "VALE AS"

Let's not forget that it was "VALE AS" that produced Kevin Moran's "BLAUWE VALE AS" - His No.1 cock he was responsible for in excess of 50 x 1st Federation winners.

"VALE DIRK" is a 1/2 brother to the likes of "KITTEL", "GREIPEL", "NEW KITTEL", "MAGIC KITTEL", "GOLD DUST", "ANGELINA" etc

What at incredible legacy of winners these birds are leaving behind them

Parents of Witte World 66